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Maui Babe Hydrating Mist 8oz

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SKU: 94095

Amazing Maui Babe Hydrating Mist 8 oz
Made in Maui, Hawaii

Enjoy misting your skin while tanning for an instant boost of all-natural hydration or simply when you want to feel and smell like the Maui Babe you are!

Amazing Maui Babe Hydrating Mist is a refreshing and hydrating cooling mist made with all-natural coconut, sweet almond, macadamia nut, grape seed, and avocado oils as well as rosehip water, aloe, and witch hazel.

A formula created for tanning and skin care enthusiasts who want to keep their skin hydrated, beautiful, and smelling like the tropics.

How to Use:
Shake the bottle to create an even consistency of the product’s ingredients.
Apply by spraying the Hydrating Mist onto the skin in areas where instant hydration is desired.
Re-apply at frequent intervals while outdoors tanning or indoors to achieve maximum results and maintain skin hydration.

*For those with sensitive skin, we recommend testing a small area first.

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