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Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility Statement

ABC STORES has taken measures to ensure an excellent user experience, regardless of the specific abilities of those individuals seeking access to our site. Whenever possible, ABC STORES website conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA standard. As accessibility standards continue to evolve, we strive to deliver the most up-to-date content online with the assistance of a third-party provider of web accessibility testing. Please understand that our efforts to improve online accessibility are ongoing.

If you experience any difficulty in accessing ABC Stores website, please feel free to contact us at or call us our E-commerce department at (808) 591-1063. We will work with you to provide the information, item, or transaction you seek through an alternate communication method or one that is accessible for you.

For an optimized experience, we recommend using the following web browser/ screen reader combinations:

  • For Windows users: Use JAWS with Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome or NVDA with Mozilla Firefox.
  • For MacOS users: Use VoiceOver with Safari or VoiceOver with Google Chrome.
  • On Mobile Devices: Use VoiceOver with iPhone and TalkBack with Android devices.

Third-Party Sites

Throughout this website, we make use of different third-party websites such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to spread news and information about ABC STORES products and services. These sites may present challenges for individuals with disabilities that ABC STORES is not able to control or remedy.

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