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Lululun Premium Facial Mask 4 Pack: Polynesian

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SKU: 82264
Lululun Premium Facial Mask 4 Pack: Polynesian 
4 Pack Box Set contains 4 pouches which each has 7 sheets for a total of 28 Face Masks!
Let your skin glow brighter than the sun with a face mask brimming with tropical fruit and flower extracts.

Aloha! Welcome to the bountiful natural paradise of Hawaii!

This mask brings together extracts from sources filled with the magic of Hawaii – delectable fruit and vibrant flowers grown under the dazzling tropical sun. The popular superfood acai and vitamin-rich passion fruit are not just good to eat – they’re also good for your skin. Plus sunflower and hibiscus extracts evoke the natural beauty of Hawaii.

Contains kukui nut oil, macadamia nut seed oil, sunflower sprout extract, acai extract, and tangerine extract.

Who is Lululun?
Aloha! My name is Lululun.
I am a face mask born in Japan, but I have decided to come to Hawai'i. I feel great being surrounded by the beautiful ocean and sky. However, laying around in the sun for too long makes the skin feel tired. For times like these, use this face mask to moisturize your tired skin. Regular use of this mask promotes soft, silky skin, increasing its ability to retain moisture and enhance the absorption of serums. Great for sensitive skin types. 

Limited to Hawai'i. Made in Japan.

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