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Hawaiian Sea Salt Sampler Gift Set

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Hawaiian Sea Salt Sampler Gift Set
2oz Three Pack
Three 2oz glass bottles of 100% Pure Hawaiian Sea Salt. The white salts are harvested in the Kona area of Hawaii island, with the Alaea Rich Red and Uahi Black Hawaiian Sea Salt Blends being harvested from Molokai.
Deep Sea Water Kona Salts
The Pure Hawaiian Deep Sea Salts are harvested in Kona from dense, salt rich ancient deep seawater. The seawater is sourced off the shores of Kona on the island of Hawaii, pull from depths of over 2000 ft below the surface. The seawater is then allowed to evaporate in three unhurried weeks using only the warming heat of the Hawaiian Sun. This allows the time to form beautiful salt crystals comparable to snow flakes. This Kona Sea Salt has a perfect balace of taste with a high level of essential minerals combined with 33% less sodium than ordinary table salt. It is prized around the world for its purity, beauty, and delicate flavor.
Alaea Rich Red Hawaiian Clay Salt Blend
Red Alaea is a naturally occurring, mineral-rich Hawaiian volcanic clay that gives this salt variety its name. The beautiful and unique color and sheen are imparted upon it by its naturally high iron content. Alaea salt has long been prized by native Hawaiians to provide extra nutrition and for its legendary health benefits. It has played a significant role in Hawaiian healing rituals, such as the hi'uwai, or purification ceremony. Alaea has also traditionaly been used in native Hawaiian dishes such as Kalua Pig (shredded pork), Hawaiian Jerky, and Poke (salted, raw reef fish). It is widely known for its mellow and earthy flavor, perfect for grilling and roasting meats, poultry, and seafood.
Uahi Black Sea Salt Blend
Uahi Black Sea Salt is made from mineral-rich solar-evaporated Molokai sea salt and activated coconut-shell charcoal. The activated charcoal contains naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes, and is known for its detoxifying effects and as a digestive aid. It also gives the Uahi its dramtic color and rich, unique flavor. The Uahi Black Sea Salt is renowned for its ability as a beautiful finish on many fresh foods and salads, as well as adding a distinct flavor to grilled meats, poultry, seafoods, and roasts.

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