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Bird of Paradise - Seeds

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SKU: 95022

Bird of Paradise - Starter Seeds

Hawaiian Strelitzia reginae seeds that you can plant. Each package contains about four (4) seeds.

The Bird of Paradise is a clumping evergreen perennial. When it blooms you’ll get magnificent looking flowers with bracts of bright orange and blue! Florists everywhere prize the unique shape, color and endurance of the Bird of Paradise flowers.

Authentically 100% Hawaiian. Propagated and grown in Hawaii and packaged at the Kanoa Hawaii nursery facilities on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kanoa Hawaii has been doing this for nearly 40 years. 

*Orders which contain Plants are considered perishable and must be shipped EXPEDITED.

**Note: Inspected and approved for shipments within the U.S. only.
Special restriction: Not allowed into the State of Arizona.

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