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NOH Hawaiian Haupia Luau Dessert Mix

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SKU: 82391
Hawaiian Haupia (Coconut Pudding) Dessert
by NOH Hawaii

Haupia is a popular coconut flavored dessert in the Hawaiian islands. It may be served in cubes, or as a flavored topping.

Hawaiian Coconut Pudding using the NOH Hawaiian Coconut Pudding Mix:
1 pkg. NOH Haupia (Hawaiian Coconut Pudding) Mix
1 cup water

Combine contents of package with 1 cup of water and stir until well blended.
Cook on medium heat, stirring constantly until it boils and starts to thicken.
Pour into a shallow pan and refrigerate. When set, cut into 1 1/2 inch squares.

Other Suggested Uses:
♦Hot Haupia Sundae - Pour hot NOH Haupia pudding on your favorite ice cream.
♦Royal Hawaiian Sundae - Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a slice of pound cake and top with hot NOH Haupia pudding. Sprinkle chopped macadamia nuts, grated coconut, and garnish with a cherry.
♦Cake Frosting - Use NOH Haupia as a frosting or topping on your favorite cake.

Sugar, coconut, cornstarch

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