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Floral Souvenir Ukulele

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Floral Souvenir Ukulele

Decorative and colorful, this souvenir ukulele is great for display, or the young beginner.
Approximately 20" in length.

Available in the following colors:

The popular instument, which has become synonymous with Hawaii, was introduced by the Portuguese immigrants who arrived in the islands in the late 1870s. The Hawaiians were so impressed by the speed which the musicians' fingers moved in the keyboard they began calling the instrument ukulele - roughly translated as "jumping fleas." The ukulele's popularity has spread worldwide. In fact, the world's great players gather in Honolulu every year to participate in the annual Ukulele Festival. Very portable and relatively easy to learn, if quite difficult to master, the ukulele is a wonderful gift for the aspiring musician in your family.

Please note, the tuning pegs may need to be tightened. They are kept slackened in order to preserve the life of the strings.

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