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Aloha ‘Aina Pure Soap 5oz: Plumeria Nectar

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SKU: 75338
Aloha ‘Aina Pure Soap 5oz: Plumeria Nectar
Indulge in absolute Hawaiian luxury with this pure Hawaiian aromatherapy cleansing body soap made with essential oils.

“Aloha ‘Aina” which literally translate to “Love of the Land” is embedded into Hawaiian Culture. It is sense of being
connected to all living things, ourselves, and our environment. Hawaiian Aromatherapy is the base of the “Aloha ‘Aina” line, utilizing premium essential oils, tropical oils, and fragrance blends. In addition, products are enhanced with organic herbs and enriched with coconut, macadamia nut, and kukui nut oils. “Aloha ‘Aina” captures the very essence of natural beauty within each and every single one of their products. From body, hair, skin care - every drop of the product made with ultra rich moisturizer specially designed to bring out your natural beauty. Loaded with organic herbs, oils, and concentrated additive ingredients, scented with premium essential oil and fragrance blends, 70% organic, 99 % natural and 100% vegan and Phthalate free.
*5% of net profits go towards protecting wildlife in Hawaii.