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WaiWai - Lotion 4 Pack

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WAIWAI - Lotion 4 Pack (30ml)
Featuring a new line of cosmetics, locally made here in Hawaii.
WAIWAI, which literally translates to “water-water” in Hawaiian was selected for a new contemporary collection of made in Hawaii, bath & body products. Water…essential element for basic survival, also the most used ingredient in production of cosmetic, bath & body products to hydrate, moisturize, transport ingredients into skin. Hawaiian water, carefully selected essence, and other vegan ingredients to deliver a unique, clean, simple line of products safe to use every day. 
Ocean and Reef friendly. 
100% Vegan. Made with Kukui and Macadamia Nut oils
This gift set includes all four distinctive scents:
Plumeria, Gardenia, Pikake, and Pineapple
Locally owned small business with global trademark who is spreading “Aloha”, with specialty scents, lotions, soaps, plus many more options to come. 

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