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Tahitian Pearl Cord Necklace

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SKU: 68204
Tahitian Pearl Cord Necklace
by Liv-N-Aloha®
A splash of Hawaii for your next adventure. Inspired by the beauty of Hanalei and it's active outdoorsy vibe. 
Pearls measure an average 10mm with a 17" synthetic silk cord. Synthetic silk cords are used since its much stronger, non-fraying, moisture resistant and color fast than a traditional silk cord.
Liv-N-Aloha® source's their pearls directly from a multi-generational family's pearl farm in Tahaa Tahiti. These pearls are known for their beautiful luster and high quality. They are reasonably priced as we partner directly with the family that grows the pearls.
Tahitian pearls are all unique as they are grown naturally in an oyster so will vary slightly in color, size and shape. 
Finished by hand in Hawaii. 

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