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Piaca Shortbread Crust Pineapple Pastry

$7.99 - $13.99
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Piaca Shortbread Crust Pineapple Pastry

These pineapple pastries, produced by Piaca, are made using pineapple grown on the North Shore of the island of Oahu. The sweet and rich flavor, combined with its intoxicating aroma, make this a quick favorite of tourists and locals alike.

And if you want an added treat, try our Macadamia Nut infused version! Hawaii grown macadamia nuts are added to the shortbread crust to bring a great texture to the fore, with the original pineapple filling rounding out a fantastic snack for all to enjoy.

Featuring the new Lilikoi (passion fruit) flavor! The Lilikoi fruit is naturally tart and tangy, with just enough zing to awaken your taste buds.

Original flavor is available in 3 pack or 6 pack sizes!

*Color of packaging subject to change due to supply chain issues.