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Island Style Large Luggage Cover by Nani Island

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Island Style Large Luggage Cover by Nani Island

Size Large fits most 27" ~ 30" luggage. 
Premium spandex fabric with zipper and stretch belt to help keep secure. 
  • Protect your luggage from the inevitable bumps and scratches that happen during traveling — from surrendering your suitcase to a series of trolleys and baggage handlers to shoving your carry-on into a crowded overhead bin.
  • You'll easily spot your luggage with its unique suitcase cover on in a sea of similar yet-to-be-claimed bags on the carousel.
  • Keep your suitcase from accumulating dust while in storage between trips.
Currently available in the following designs:
Plumeria Chain
Floral Dream
Hibiscus Lover 
Pineapple Paradise
Island Fun
Hawaiian Fun
Each design is available in 1-3 color options. 

*Please view the table below for color combinations

Design Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
Plumeria Chain Black Red  
Floral Dream Black    
Hibiscus Lover Cream with Black Cream with Pink  
Pineapple Paradise Black Mint Cream with Pink
Island Fun Blue Pink  
Hawaiian Fun Black    


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