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Honey Girl Organics HoneyGlo Face Serum 1 oz

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Honey Girl Organics HoneyGlo Face Serum 1 oz
HoneyGlo Regenerating Serum provides deeply penetrating instant hydration.

It replenishes your skin with a special blend of 5 organic plant-based oils that are packed with Vitamin C and enriched with beehive ingredients and potent essential oils. It helps promote collagen production and cellular renewal for more supple skin and a beautiful healthy glow.

Your skin will look and feel vibrant and healthy with daily use of this face serum.

Directions: Shake gently and apply under eyes, surrounding area and any dry or problem areas on face, neck and décolletage. Allow serum to absorb for 2-3 minutes before applying a Face Cream of your choice.

Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Organic Rose Hydrosol, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil Refined, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Beeswax*, Organic Neroli Oil (Citrus aurantium), Organic Rose Oil, Organic Frankincense Oil (Boswellia rivae), Organic Alcohol (Neutral Cane Spirits), Organic Propolis, Organic Carrot Seed Essential Oil *Naturally contains pollen, propolis & royal jelly.