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Hawaiian Host Holiday - Gingerbread Milk Chocolate 8oz

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Hawaiian Host Holiday - Gingerbread Milk Chocolate 8oz

Naughty or nice, one of our latest holiday concoctions is jazzed up with cinnamon, ginger and all spice. Something sweet and unique to enjoy after your egg nog, our buttery macadamias are coated with milk chocolate with a Yuletide kick! Beautifully packaged in a ruby red bag with a gingerbread motif, they make for a beautiful gift to give to friends and/or family.

***You could say that Macadamia Nuts play "hard to get." It takes approximately seven years for a tree to bear a nut. The fruit must ripen on the trees and its generally gathered by hand. Then it requires 300 pounds of pressure to crack the nut's extremely hard outer shell to reveal the delicious kernel inside.
Imported from Australia in 1881, macadamia trees were originally used primarily for landscaping purposes! It wasn't until the 1950s that commercial macadamia nut production introduced these unusual nuts to the world. Today you can savor these creamy, crunchy nuts in many delicious ways. Enjoy!

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