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Waiwai Sheet Mask - Q10

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Waiwai Sheet Mask - Q10
23 grams 
WAIWAI, which literally translates to “water-water” in Hawaiian was selected for a new contemporary collection of made in Hawaii, bath & body products. Water…essential element for basic survival, also the most used ingredient in production of cosmetic, bath & body products to hydrate, moisturize, transport ingredients into skin. Hawaiian water, carefully selected essence, and other vegan ingredients to deliver a unique, clean, simple line of products safe to use every day. 
Contains: 1 Single use mask 
This antioxidant-fueled sheet mask neutralizes free radical damage and addresses elasticity loss with Coenzyme Q10. The super-hydrating formula features sodium hyaluronate and collagen to help maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier.
Made in Korea 
Locally owned small business with global trademark who is spreading “Aloha”, with specialty scents, lotions, soaps, plus many more option to come.

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