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Aloha Aina 10% Kona Coffee Blend - Assorted 7oz Flavors

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Aloha Aina 10% Kona Coffee Blend - Assorted 7oz Flavors

Our very own ABC Stores Exclusive Aloha Aina Kona Blend Coffee
Roasted to perfection, we provide quality coffee that is smooth and easy to drink.
We select and roast only the finest coffee beans from Hawaii and around the world in our custom roasts.Whether it's a great start to your morning, midday pick me up, afternoon delight, or a finish to a meal - our coffee is ideal for all around use and an excellent treat to enjoy at any time of the day.

Available in the following flavors:
Signature Blend - a dramatic medium dark roast blend that is highly flavored
Vanilla Macadamia - a medium dark roast with a light taste of vanilla perfectly paired with Hawaii's signature macadamia nuts
Chocolate Macadamia - a medium dark roast delightfully combines the richness of milk chocolate and Hawaii's own macadamia nuts
Moana Dark - a blend of untamed dark roast boldness which makes it a true statement coffee
Decaf Signature - the same delicious taste of our highly flavored Signature Blend without the caffeine

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